Which Tiger King character are you?

Tiger King Quiz

During the lockdown, shows like Netflix’s Tiger King are taking the world by storm.

It’s the show about real-life cat-fights between larger-than-life animal owners so wild you really couldn’t write it.

But you, viewer- which of the eccentrics would you be, if you were American, intensely strange, and obsessed with big cats?

Take the quiz to find out!

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    1. How do you relax on your days off?

    • Partying hard in the club.
    • A tranquil cycle ride.
    • Blowing shit up.
    • Going for a drive in the wilderness.
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    How do you feel about animal rights?

    • I hate the animal rights people.
    • Animals have the right to be cute and cuddly.
    • Animal what?
    • All living things are worthy of respect and attention.
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    If you encounter conflict in life, how do try to resolve it?

    • Run away.
    • I try to do what I think is right. If that doesn’t work, suing normally does.
    • I just hash it all out in the open, lots of shouting and flailing, and we all feel better afterwards.
    • Normally I make fun of them online, or blow up an effigy of them or something.
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    What is your idea of a perfect first date?

    • A romantic rendez-vous outside of work.
    • Take in some amazing wildlife in our matching cowboy hats.
    • Getting absolutely wasted in a hotel.
    • I don’t do dates, I’m happily married thanks.
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    How would you describe your social circle?

    • I’ve had a troubled past, but am starting again and am in a much better place.
    • Everyone looks up to me.
    • I don’t really have a social circle, I just move from one party to the next.
    • I have quite a close-knit group, and I really rely on them for support even though I have a funny way of showing it.
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    If, hypothetically, you took part in a political campaign, what role would suit you best?

    • I work best behind the scenes, pulling the strings.
    • As I have a strong grasp of social media and popular opinion, I’d be a great manager.
    • President.
    • I’m best on the ground, talking face-to-face and growing the grassroots.
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    Do you like tiger cubs?

    • I want one!
    • I’ve seen enough, ain’t about that life.
    • They are so cute! And cuteness is contagious.
    • Although they’re cute and make me smile, we must protecc
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    How do you feel about the hit Netflix TV show, Tiger King?

    • It’s a non-stop party!
    • Full of regret.
    • Unsafe.
    • I hope people do something about it!

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